Schematical EP

by Dier Schematics

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Death Cult Mysticism Boom-Bap


released December 25, 2013

Dr. Derg

you guys own it all, i just make it. hip hop thanks you. bless



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the CROOKED SCUMBUS Chicago, Illinois



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Track Name: Nova (Prod. by Dr. Derg)
Scanners concealed squeal
Mechanized deal
Feather shield
Built to feel plugs get dealt real
AC to DC
Ladder rungs get felt
Snap snap pitter pat
Drop slam with the gas
Mash with the crass
Blast with the brass
Flat scan the act
Master daemon hunt
Catch the brunt of it
Flip shift elephant dick
Clogging off your air holes
Listen when you here those
Strange groans
Low moans
Occupy the wall from stud to ceiling
Street light street light
Manifest his blood and get to spilling
My skins been peeling
I'm about to leave this broken husk
My soul becomes
Something ethereal with them olden suns

Super nova off the golden clover
World beholder
Swallowed off my palm
And spit the wisdom thrower
New jehova
Hunded dungeon clan will flip your fucking system over

Leningrad Cupid with the pic stitch
Trigger itch
Red army party
Hundred dozen arrows in a bitch
Be prepared to enter this/
iron flying razor
Discombobulating fist
There's no arraignment
Or aquit
This moody broody chamber
With the sunken walls forever lit
By the glowering
Iridescent lilac powderlings
Cryptid envelopement loosely pondering these wildlings
Wild fire crept to devistate
Discorporate entities
Astral planing with my enemies
Sublime divinity
To come and wreck the effects
Maniacle pest
Set fallen obilisks back to erect
Male patronage
That solemn page turning
Into itself
To dissipate would be the yearning
Desire to flip vile
Pompei ashes in the aisle
Disciples rifle
through that which was entitled
To none but the most high
Prophet of the meaningless
Profit from deceiving us
My people's get deleted stuck
So frolic on
Track Name: Natural Resource (Prod. by Dr. Derg)
I am the fool, the thief and the liar
Socio igniter, Pyrex vision fighter
Lyric biter, hurry hurry
Tie my tourniquet tighter
If I could get much higher,
Then my future would be brighter
Instead I'm gon wallow
With insomnia I'm hollow
Hallowed be thy
Praise to the prize fighter
Praying to my
Name scratched in a white lighter
Still an outsider
Even when alone in my prison
I'm truly victim
To misfortune given by my worst
The enemy of my enemy is well received
But the enemy is me, so who I trust
or where I'm spose to flee
Up on my feeble knees
I'm losing traction
I was born to choke off in a ditch
For lack of glits
We could skip the glam and go to sniff our fix
Did we fix it?
We're all addicted
Me and every personality I
live with/
The end can't be worse I done stripped my earth wicked

I done stripped my Earth wicked
The end can't be worse
I done stripped my Earth wicked

The first shall be last and the last shall be first
But what about me
I deserved to be birthed
From the darkness of leviathans ass crack
My past lap
Around this planet should have been my very last
My minds never straight
Ayo it rocks in a flux
We ride the omnibus
We battle which route we should fly
I'm screaming do or die
My counterpart is pleading watch the lines
I got a savage guise
I wander round these savage guys
But watch the eyes
Direct contact, one could lose a life
My lucid strife
Dangles me from astral planes on stupid heights
I am the proof of night
Benign but full of hatred
Let me demonstrate it
The self, I kind of hate it
Fuck identity
My indemnity fails infinity
I got plenty weed
only way I don't scrap divinity
And open up the knive
To let my fucking wristlets bleed
let my fucking wrist just bleed
Track Name: Social Destruct (Prod. by Dibia$e)
i don't give a fuck about myself

I'm a danger to myself and everyone I meet
Fuck me
My toes maneuver boundaries
My lack of will astounding
So hound me
Fuck a flying fuck I fuck the fucks you give
You piece of shit
I tell myself everyday up in the mirror
My thoughts are in the air
Never rocking constant
Intangible vomit
Ephemeral like trace from comets
Draped in dog shit
My psyche floats in the gutter
Sometimes I wonder
How I got so fucked and pop another
Twist another sniff another
act a fuck like no other
While I'm screaming at the pigeons
I ponder
Is my soul really worth forgiving?
I think it isn't
My darkness trapped inside a prism
Will you be my next victim
Next woman of evil dicking
I'm nasty when I gets to sticking
Patheticsm run my world
All a part of the symptom
My only missions to leave this fucking planet with a lingered sentence

I'm signing off
I can't take this planet no more
I'm signing off
I can't take this planet no more
I'm signing off

My systems been flipped
Staring out my 20 eyes
I'm a monster that much I can't deny
Return of the fly
Savage to the naked eye
Social experimentations that have gone awry
Fuck a life
More specifically, fuck mine
The truth of sight
Is shrouded in that midnight light
Sink or bite
I'm mounted for that mental strike
Ready the unsullied
march day and night until we get it right
Day vs night
My inner hemispheres pare for pearly flight
All the while my face is petrified
I witness genocide
Who am I
feel I need to pick a fucking side
But fuck it
never fit and so I make it flip
fully counterfeit
Fake as fuck, I hope my death legit
My negligence
on precipice of worldly presence
And that worldly presence
contributes to my lack of essence
I'm fucking destined
To leave this planet with a sentence
Track Name: Fuck is You (Prod. by FHP!)
Biblical barnacles bask in adolescence
With a predilection
To destroy the core of essence
My sentence
Gets tangled in the psyche
It might be
Beneficial for progression
But most ain't ready for the lesson
In the abstract
Conceptual slap rap
Flip ya Nasdaq before I mash that
Peas and cornbread
Dollar dollar slices in my backpack
Throat slat the teller
Let em know that I can has that
Crooked and deranged
I wrap my jimmy in the hazmat
Cracked syringe central
Location hatching plans at
Where ya mans at
Squeeze and rip on all levels
I'm a masochistic fist
Plunge destroy all vessel
Sculpt your soundscape
Sun ra we rise and decline
No one is special

No one is special

Fuck life to shine til you die
My minds on several
Substances with split personas
Built to revel
I'm scheduled at the bethel
Pissing contest against the devil
Children get killed
If they foolish nuf to try and meddle
My schemes stay mean
Cryptic and ancient
Occult bedraggled asshole
My visions is sacred
Nobody touch the altar
Corpses in specific placement
Faceless hatred
H Dub the reapers favorite
Track Name: Come Up (Prod. by FHP!)
Climbing out the grave slate
Twisted with a grave haste
My main stay
Within the nether realms left me
A strange taste
In my mouth and gullet
Sullen constant after something
The chase has been my life
Achieved with
Nothing much to show but weakness
With the following
Voyeuristic view of life happening
From distances afar
With my stolen heart
Shoved in my mouth my whole world it falls apart
I'm duly wrought
With habits and offenses
Golden glass fences
And 8 balls for vision
My system funk will rise for that north wall glisten
Sickened after life
the second rise will be my after light
Continue to the savage life
Or would you rather die
Drop dead wicked from the symptom
Kick it
Mooly flip it
Diagnosed with trauma from the futures digits
I suture figments
From reality estranged
Legless tutor of the maimed
You and I are not the same
Fake H dungeon
We the rulers of the game

Rise from ashes after moonlight
Wanton child child sacrifice
From altar to afterlife

In the wake of the fall
Troy burns yes it does yes it does
Pleasant love pleasant fuck
I let my flag burn brightly
Freak fuck flying dolla swag be about me
I'm grounding all live wires in the ground drown around me
I murder wicked twisted
In the night I sleep soundly
Leather gags and chains bound me
To the earthly desires
To light fires
Watch the village burn
I'm aiming from the dump
Hella tired of the bullshit but the foolish make it jump
Regardless of your lessons that this life deal out
About to peel out
Run down anyone who didn't bring my meal out
Real clout pastor at the altar with his steel out
I feel how
Hopeless it can all be the cycle
I know men that kill men that kill men with rifles
Feeling suicidal? Blast it
I'm living purely fucked until I'm clearly in a casket
Head to toe in plastic bastard
Track Name: What Reality (Prod. by Be.Water)
Happiness ephemeral
Watergate slate complacent
Side walk adjacent
To 2 steps that lost the fragrance
Of the month
So we thought hold the cross
Grip your heart
There's no remorse when the faultless spitter bugs been caught
The maim list lists the same shit
New recital sickened cycles
Fickle when I grip the Eiffel
Point of interest
Just a simulated homicide
Google slides
Reanimated corpses
For the toothless bride
Groom aside
He wobbles off his axis
Reevaluating wackness
Of the evil tactics
*swoop* my jargon backflip
With catapults for feti
We wiggle through this jihad
Digital bombs deep fried
the hacker hacked into my Levi's
Now my stash is packed with P.I.s
With no I.D.s
The only badge is every I.P.
No use in hiding
Am I noided? can every puter user find me
Tangible fears of data mining
I'm signing

Off from real world
Reflectors is off
I'm known to toss from the sickness when the tungstens is soft
Off from the real world
reflectors is off
I'm alone in the dark
Terrified and I'm lost

Maim me drain me
Pop a cork them flay me
My daydream of hanging
delight from broken ledges
Left to feel unpleasant
So reflect into the world of present
But it doesn't work
Resorts have fell to sell it
Dies it feel embellished
Plagiarized fiction
With unruly diction
Orate oratory crucifixion
We all are ignorant
Signals frizzled as it gets
My many story
Pseudo narrate the gist
A manipulist
Of the realm I operate in which I spit
H dub click
Rule it with the iron fist bitch